About Us


My tryst with wedding photography started when my girlfriend and I were in search for the perfect team to shoot our engagement. We met some people and realised that we needed more than just great photographers to get our story right. That’s when we decided to build our very own team of wedding photographers and cinematographers. They were experts whom we were comfortable with as we had worked with them on some advertising projects in the past and who took an effort to know us inside out. That’s how Albummed was born.

And the journey ever since has been nothing short of great! We’ve covered over 60 weddings over the short span of two years from across India to South America and the MiddleEast, put together heartwarming videos and photos, and made some great friends on the way. 


Our Goal For You

Our goal in simple words is to capture your memories in the most compelling way so that when years down the line, you grow old together and look through your wedding photographs and videos, you know and feel that there was no one else who could have told your story better. 

We understand that a love shared by two people transcends the happenings on the wedding day. Right from the first date, courtship period, falling in love, the first fight, supporting each other in hard times, the proposal, and the first meeting with the parents, each and every moment has made the relationship, uniquely yours. Our understanding also involves arranged marriages and the elements that build their story as well. 

That’s why meeting the couple and the family really helps us, to know what they’re like and how best to shoot with them. But that doesn’t mean we don’t respect your personal space. Whenever we’re shooting, our biggest concern is to give the family their space and yet capture what’s happening on the day in the most non-intrusive manner. 
So in order to make sure that we get your story right, our belief is that our work should showcase the real, varied and complex emotions from your special day in the most beautiful visual narrative. 

Albummed About us

My Big Vision

I’ve always been intrigued by the fine balance between human relationships and storytelling - how people meet, get to know each other and their families, and then take vows to spend the rest of their lives together. 

This intrigue somewhere fueled my desire to write a book on Indian Weddings. And what better way to know human stories - Up, Close & Personal - than from being a part of an Indian Wedding!



Style Of Shooting

We prefer shooting a wedding in its truest form - as it unfolds. Our crew aims to capture all the happy, emotional and heartwarming moments, and doing so is possible when we’re close to the people we’re shooting with. 

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