My Big

I’ve always been intrigued by the fine balance between human relationships and storytelling - how people meet, get to know each other and their families, and then take vows to spend the rest of their lives together. 

This intrigue somewhere fueled my desire to write a book on Indian Weddings. And what better way to know human stories - Up, Close & Personal - than from being a part of an Indian Wedding! 
And the journey ever since has been nothing short of great! We’ve covered over 60 weddings over the short span of two years and shot with some fabulous people, put together heartwarming videos and photos, and made some great friends on the way.



Candid Photography

Shooting moments as they happen

This is the style of photography where you will not notice the photographer clicking and the cinematographer shooting as they’re capturing what’s happening in real time. The mother having a conversation with her bride-to-be daughter, the father of the bride holding back his tears and the brother adorably looking at his sister who’s going to walk down the aisle; these just a few examples of candid instances that will be captured in the most non-intrusive way. 

Albummed Traditional Photography.png

Traditional Photography

Getting people to pose for the camera

A traditional style of capturing weddings, this method has been adopted since times immemorial. In this style, the photographers look at capturing all the wedding attendees. Unlike Candid Photography, the key here is to get people to pose for the camera and take time to organise people in groups. And once the perfect shot is complete, that shutter button is hit.

Traditional photography is most essentially required to capture the ceremonies on the stage, especially when friends and family come over to bless the couple.



Candid photography taken on video

The shot of a teardrop falling in slow motion, a stolen glance on the mandap or a smile during the pheras; cinematography captures such precious moments.

Here it’s not about the number of people captured, rather the emotions. The cinematographer using this style do not ask anyone to look into the camera and pose, or shoot in groups. They let you live the moment while they capture the most intricate emotions.


Traditional Videography

Traditional photography on the video

This style is everything that traditional photography is, only difference being that it’s captured on a big video camera that records what’s happening in entirety and each individual present. 
The key here is to essentially ‘record everything on wide angle’ and share the complete wedding picture with everyone in it. 
This isn’t about the candid emotions rather the attendance.