Our expectations from the clients


We always come with a vision to do our job in the best manner and give you something extraordinary to cherish forever. Here’s what we expect from you to ensure that we deliver our best:


number 1


As photographers, we consider ourselves creative professionals, who know how to execute the work and are many times hired on the basis of our previous work. Considering we’re going to capture your big day, it’s imperative for you and your family to trust us and treat us fair, like you would treat your guests. After all, we are the people who will shoot everlasting moments on your most important day. A well-fed, well-rested and a well-treated crew will add 5 stars to your big day.  

number 2

Creative Freedom

As experienced professionals, we know the kind of treatment we are to give to a video, the music to use and the kind of shots to be put. We’ll always deliver at par or better than what you’ll see in our portfolio. 

Dictation or direction during shooting, or during post production is something we request our clients to refrain from. Having said that, we don’t mean that we’re oblivious to feedback or getting to know the important people/events to be covered at a wedding. In fact, as mentioned earlier we spend some time before the wedding ceremonies with the couple and their families to understand what is expected of us. So when you hire us, do make us meet the people who can guide us about the same. 


number 3


If you have a certain style of photos/videos in mind, do brief us in advance and we’ll tell you what we need from your end in order to make it happen. Such a discussion only makes it easier for us to execute well on your big days. 

Number 4

No Two Separate Teams 

We strictly don’t take up projects where there is another team involved (one being us and the other from the bride’s/groom’s side). The issues that would inevitably arise are creative differences, fighting over space and the result will be two sets of average photographs and videos. If we want to deliver our best, we need our creative freedom and space so that without any hindrances we are able to cover the ceremonies. 


Number 5

A Great Mood

A nasty comment from a relative or an extremely late arrival of baraat shouldn’t affect your mood. If it does, then it affects the photos also. A cheerful couple makes for happy photos.

number 6

Quality Over Quantity 

When we deliver, we select the best shots and edit them. Comparing these deliverables with another photographer who gave 2X the number of photos or a longer duration of videos isn’t fair as in simple parlance it doesn’t mean ‘the more, the merrier’.


Number 7

The Written Word

We believe in adhering to our contracts that are firm and clear about our deliverables, the timelines for payments as well penalty clauses. This binds us to our clients, to deliver on time. And a point to note is that contracts always include due payments of taxes and cash is not king here.


Number 8

Our Team Stays Where The Event Is

It is extremely important for our team to stay where all the ceremonies are being conducted. This is not only from a ‘respect’ point of view where we want to be treated as equals but also from a creative perspective. You might save a miniscule amount of money by putting us elsewhere, but this will directly take a hit on the quality of our deliverables. In wedding ceremonies, capturing the right moments matter and if we spend time travelling, we don’t only lose this opportunity but also often miss out attending a major chunk of ceremonies. 



Raw Data is a Raw Deal 

We don’t share any raw data before the final deliveries are made. Asking for raw data before giving us the time to edit can be compared to watching behind the scenes of a film and forming a judgement, before watching the final edited version in a theatre. Hence, impatience has to be curtailed here.  


Number 10


All the iconic photos and videos you see on our portfolio as well as online, with the perfect lightings and the breathtaking backgrounds, demands time - which sadly is often what we challenge against during Indian weddings. Here’s how you can make time to ensure that we deliver our best: 

  • Get ready well before your ceremonies are about to start, as that’s when the makeup and the mood is perfect.
  • Explain to your friends and family the importance of ‘photography time’ and why capturing you in the most beautiful attire you’re ever going to wear in your life is equally important to being a part of the ceremonies. 
  • The couple should take out some dedicated time so that our team can capture their candid shots. During this demarcated time we would appreciate not having an interference from other wedding attendees otherwise the quality gets hampered. Always remember that what we shoot for you, is going to form memories that will last a lifetime and we want all your support in helping us ensure that.